About expert exchanges
Expert exchanges are themed on-site discussions facilitated by EFICENT organised as a part of In-Tree project. The exchanges allow for an effective transfer of knowledge, skills and experiences between small groups of participants; i.e. 'hosting' and 'visiting' groups. The aim is to learn about a specific topic in more depth on a basis of knowledge and experiences from other areas, regions or countries.
The exchanges are structured in a way that the hosting group presents a specific management approach to the visiting group that is then discussed in a chaired discussion.  The groups size may vary; however, 4 - 10 participants per group are the most suitable as all participants should have the opportunity to engage in the discussion.
Although the expert exchanges focus on management of introduced (and invasive) tree species, the link to forest management enhancing biodiversity in the forests is also explored in order to widen the perspective on management tools that deliver more diverse forest structure. In addition, game management that is necessary to be carried out to facilitate for desired forest management objectives is also included.
The expert exchanges may be facilitated for practitioners, academics, policy makers, etc.
More information about the latest expert exchange between Czech Republic and Germnay can be found here. Detailed report from the exchange between Ireland and Germany can be accessed here.
Call: If you wish to participate as both visiting or hosting group, please contact us.